Operating Instructions


Revised May 2021

Instructions for all the equipment and facilities in the hall are contained on the following pages.

If you are unsure of how to work something, please read the instructions.

All the equipment works well and will not work any better if you pull or hit it harder…it will probably break!

In particular please note the following to avoid the most common breakages/damage:

  • Do not pull the blinds in the main hall to open or shut them…use the appropriate chains on the side of each blind.
  • Don’t drag chairs/tables across the floor.
  • Switch off all internal and external lights when you leave..




Hot water in the kitchen and toilets is supplied by an electric boiler and may take up to 30 seconds to run hot when taps are turned on. Please also be aware the boiler will only hold a certain amount of water – please wait for the tank to reheat if it runs out.


The oil boiler heats the radiators in the entrance hall and toilets and is programmed to come on when the hall is in use.


Press the light switch in the entrance door to turn on the lights. The lights in the toilets have a switch as you walk in.


A ventilation fan will switch on and off at the same time as the lights. The flush for the urinals in the gents is automatic and the cistern will stop filling about 30 minutes after the last person leaves the room. Hot water in the toilets is supplied “on-demand” and will take 20-30 seconds to arrive at the tap.

ALARM IN DISABLED TOILET (see page 2 of detailed instructions)

The alarm will sound and the light will flash if the alarm cord is pulled. Pressing either the reset pad below the flashing light or on the control panel on the wall behind the bar will reset the alarm.


The light switches are located in the front lobby on the control board next to the electrics cabinet.


The heating is set on a timer and will be set for the duration of your hire period. Should you wish the heating to be turned off please use the control panel in the main front lobby – press the appropriate red button to turn on/off for each of the areas.


Should you find a tripped circuit then please flip the switch for the tripped circuit in the cupboard next to the main control board in the front lobby


In addition to the opening doors, there is a fan system. The switch is located on the left wall as you enter the hall.

Please do not use helium balloons while the fans are operating.

Please do not forget to turn off and shut all the windows/doors when you leave.


Please do not pull the blinds open or shut. There are cords on the side to operate these blinds.


OVEN – Please follow the instructions located on the wall in the kitchen

WARMING OVENS – Simply plugin and allow at least 30 mins for them to reach temperature.

HOT WATER – Hot water is provided from electric boilers, it may take up to a minute to run hot when first used. The tanks are regular electric water heater size and may need to reheat should all the water be used.

COOKER AND HOBS – Instructions are on the wall near the hobs.

DISHWASHER – Please follows the instructions on the wall in the kitchen

CUTLERY & CROCKERY – All items used are to be left clean and correctly placed in the cupboard in the main front hallway


There are rubbish bins provided outside – please put all rubbish in the main external wheelie bins before leaving making sure the correct items are put in the relevant bins. The collection is fortnightly Wednesday so please be aware of space for other users.

Glass bottles must be taken away with you together with any rubbish that won’t fit into the bins.



RCDs for the electrical sockets in the hall are in the cupboard in the main front hallway

RCD’s can be reset if power to the sockets is lost, but you must stop using any equipment that causes any RCD.


If any village hall electrical equipment stops working do not try to repair it. Please report to the Maintenance Officer as soon as possible.


The hall will be left for you in a clean and tidy condition and this is how it should be returned to us ready for the next hirer to use.

We provide washing up liquid, cloths, tea towels in the kitchen for your use. Please ensure all tables are wiped down and dried (there is antibacterial spray provided in the kitchen), kitchen surfaces wiped clean and the floor swept or hoovered if necessary.

If there are any spills you will find the Bona floor cleaning system in the kitchen for spills on the hall floor.

All rubbish should be placed in the external wheelie bins in the correct manner.

Chairs should be stacked facing backwards – this is to enable the chair trolley to be used to lift out the chairs for the next hirer.

Round tables placed on the trolley – any that do not fit placed next to this. All buffet tables are to be placed upright and facing in one direction to prevent tables from falling onto the next hirer.