General Instructions

There is a first aid box in the kitchen.

The nearest A&E is at Bedford Hospital MK42 9DJ


Network: On Request

Password: On Request

Fire Safety

No smoking, candles, other naked flames or flammable substances or materials (particularly decorations) are allowed in the hall.

  • Decorations must not be placed near or tied to lights or heaters.
  • Extra heaters must not be used.
  • Do not cook with fat

Electrical Equipment

  • Any electrical equipment bought into the hall must be in good condition and used in a safe manner.
  • Do not attempt to use or repair damaged or faulty Village Hall equipment
  • Do not use any equipment that has previously caused an RCD to trip
  • Flexible cables should be positioned and protected so that they do not constitute a tripping hazard and are not subject to mechanical damage.
  • Never leave any electrical equipment, including the hobs and oven, unattended when switched on


  • If possible, please keep windows and the entrance doors closed when music is being played.
  • Fire exits must be kept closed at all times.
  • Please keep noise levels down outside the hall e.g. in the car park at all times but particularly during and at the end of functions.

Car Park/Parking

  • Do not take alcoholic drinks into the car park.
  • No vehicles are to be left overnight.
  • Any rubbish is to be cleared away.
  • There is limited spaces in the hall car park therefore can you please ask your guests to park respectively in the village allowing local residents to exit their properties – please do not double park as to allow larger vehicles to gain access through the village. There is plenty of roadside parking away from resident’s properties about 100 yards up the road.

Additional Hazards for Children

  • Keep children out of the kitchen and storeroom at all times.

Outside Spaces

The garden at the back can be used during your hire. Please respect our neighbours whilst outside. Please do not congregate in the car park during your event.


  • There are brushes and mops in the kitchen…please use them.
  • Mop up spills on the floor as soon as possible using the Bona system provided.
  • Do not drag chairs across the floor.
  • Report any equipment failure or damage to the Maintenance Officer (07808 579330) as soon as possible.
  • Record any minor accidents in the accident book, and all other accidents to the Maintenance Officer.

Before You Leave Please…..

  • Stack all chairs neatly in the hall store cupboard.
  • Stack no more than 10 at a time (to avoid heavy and unsafe stacks) with the backs outwards so that they can be easily moved by the next user.
  • Fold up any tables used and stack them in the hall cupboard in an orderly fashion for the next hirer.
  • Leave the hall in a clean and tidy condition. Remember to sweep the floor.
  • Ensure that the work surfaces, oven, hobs, heater cabinet and fridges are left clean.

When You Leave Please Leave the Hall as You Found it, and……

  • Switch off any electrical items, if used.
  • Turn off the extractor fans, hobs and oven at the mains switches on the wall behind them
  • Ensure all windows/doors are closed.
  • Ensure all blinds are in the down position.
  • Check that all taps are turned off
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Check the main front door is locked on your departure.
  • Take away all glass bottles and any rubbish that won’t fit in the bins.

Once the cleaner checks the hall on the Monday after your event your damage deposit will be refunded if all is ok.

(for emergency contact Deborah Slade 07808 579330)