Terms & Conditions of Hire

The hiring agreement  is  made  between  Biddenham  Parish  Council  and  the  Hirer  named  on the booking request.

A deposit will be held and refunded to you after the event providing no damage, loss or public nuisance has been caused to the premises and/or contents during the period of the hiring as a result of the hiring, and the hall is vacated by the time stated in this agreement and is left in the same condition as found. Please allow up to a month for refunds to be made.

Hiring Fee and Breakages Deposit is payable on receipt of the booking request email confirmation. 

Please note the hiring fee and deposit is to be paid by BACS –  if the payment is made by BACS please quote your surname and date of the event as the reference on the payment: 

The hirer agrees with Biddenham Parish Council to be present during the hiring and to adhere to the provisions and stipulations contained or referred to in the  “EMERGENCY, FIRE, OPERATING, GENERAL AND ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS”, (found in the section ‘Information’ on the website) which is acknowledged by the hirer when making the booking request.

It is hereby agreed that the “CONDITIONS OF HIRE”, referred to above, together with any special conditions in the schedule below shall form part of the terms of the Hiring Agreement unless specifically excluded. Plus any other specified conditions supplied within extra documentation.

The building does not have an alcohol licence so should you wish to sell alcohol you must obtain a licence from the council.

Schedule of Special Conditions


Vacate the Hall at the stated time and leave the premises quickly and quietly.

Leave the premises as found with all chairs and tables returned to their original positionsin a clean condition, floors must be swept and kitchen surfaces wiped and left in a cleanstate.  All rubbish must be placed in bin liners and taken out to the large grey bin located inthe car park. Ensure any crockery used is washed, dried and returned to cupboards afteruse. Ensure all lights are switched off before vacating the building.  Ensure all fire exit doors are closed.

Have consideration for neighbours and keep noise to a minimum on leaving thebuilding and when in the car park


Set off ANY fireworks either in the hall or on the Playing Field or surrounding area without written permission from Biddenham Parish Council and obtaining the relevant insurance cover.

Consume ANY alcohol outside the front entrance, car parking area or playing field at therear of the building. Allow children onto the cricket pitch (the square).